How not being interested in the exhibition hung to ''cimaises'' of the gallery "The Zodiac"? It is to aluminum that Leunens entrusts the expression of its sensitivity pictorial. The panels he presents constitute the culmination of a long internal developments assisted by a patient development of the processes of implementation. The taste of contents subtly worked the modeled very certainly, but even more the mysterious fascination of modulations in ''grisaille''.

For him, the vision of the space breathes, lives, is responsible for the resonance of the perceptive emotion .

The material which he has recourse puts especially in evidence the originality and refinement of its technical resources. This Flemish of Paris has managed to impose on the cold of metal, thanks to personal research, a range of gradients of a warm cohesion which ranged from the opacity to the shine, modulations underlying the  reliefs radiation-dispersal. 

On noctural foundation float streaks of color and sparkle of air traits which the trajectories elusive awaken the animation, depth and the enchantment of surfaces monochrome. The remarkable "monotypes metallised » on the other end prove even the successes of the artist, from means and a poetic lineage graphic.

L.L. Sosset, Bruxelles, Beaux-Arts, 1964.
Translated from French

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